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Strategic and Annual Planning

Strategic planning is not dead, as many

consultants and writers claim.  It has just changed! 


SSNC believes that the long, drawn-out planning processes of yester-year are passé. 

Planning should be fun, invigorating, and simple.  The resulting document should be short, sweet, easy to understand and a living, breathing road map to shorter-term annual plans.

While SSNC does have a “planning process and template”, every session is different.  We work with you to design an agenda to meet your time, desired outcomes, and organizational needs.    

Strategic planning is just the beginning.  We can also help you to “chunk that big plan into small bites” with templates and strategies for annual operational and fundraising plan development that is then linked to the budget and executive, board and staff evaluations - creating a cohesive organization.

Board Development

An engaged and educated board can be a blessing, the opposite a curse. 


SSNC provides board training, based on sector best practices (in-person or via Zoom), and board infrastructure templates for ease in on-going orientation and implementation.  


Training topics include

  • Board Legal Duties, Roles & Responsibilities

  • A Board's Fiduciary/Financial Duty

  • Recruiting and Onboarding New Board Members 

  • Officer Roles and Succession

  • Running Effective Meetings

  • Board Self-Evaluations

  • Fundraising Engagement

  • Organizing Committees and Tasks Forces

  • And more....


Our motto is to provide you with the knowledge, support and resources so that “your board can manage itself; allowing  you, the executive director/CEO, to focus on managing the staff and programming.”

Organizational Development

Organizational development is the catch-all term for “everything else” that needs to be done to succeed.


SSNC helps you, your staff, and your board develop and institute a wide variety of structures, policies and systems based on nonprofit best-practices.


Resulting in saved time and stress by not having to start from scratch.


Get things off your  "to-do" list, quickly, effectively and efficiently with our proven templates. 

  • ED and/or Staff Evaluation Processes

  • Annual Fundraising Plans

  • Organizational Capital Campaign Readiness

  • Human Resource Manual and Policies

  • General Policies for Operations

  • Successful Executive Searches

  • Financial Management Systems and Policies

  • Leadership Succession Planning 

  • And more……

Leadership Mentoring

Being a nonprofit executive, whether your title is an ED, CEO or something else, can be a lonely place.


You have a lot of responsibility and no secure, confidential, experienced sounding board to help you process your thoughts and think through solutions.   


Sage Solutions Nonprofit Mentoring program is your answer. 


Over the decades, we have supported 100’s of nonprofit executives with sage advice, creative solutions, and a sense of humor. 


Sage mentoring is an affordable path for support and access to all SSNC templates

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