"I learned a tremendous amount (both in your online class and in our mentoring relationship) about how to work with a board, and I feel your influence and guidance in so many of my actions and communi-cations with board members. I can't tell you how appreciative I am of this. It has made the WRFI board stronger, it has made me a better ED, and it has made my job more enjoyable because there is less struggle and more clarity.

Wild Rockies Field Institute
We've been there: managed boards, raised funds, completed capital campaigns, started organizations, built infrastructure, managed finances, hired, fired, and wondered about next steps. Meet Sage.

We believe in long-term results, and our solutions work. Just ask our clients.

There are no "cookie-cutter" solutions. Every nonprofit is different. So our goal is to offer practical services that fit your needs and budget.

How We Got Here
In the late 1990s, Terry, Peggy, and Teresa were all working as executive directors of thriving nonprofit organizations. But we had a common vision: to help the nonprofit sector gain strength by uniting services, trainings, and public policy.  That vision led Terry and Peggy to get involved in starting the Montana Nonprofit Association, and later, Teresa joined the MNA staff.

Peggy M. Owens was the founding Chair and Terry Profota was a founding board member (later serving a term as Chair), and Teresa Geremia-Chart served as the Organizational Development Director charged with creating Principles and Best Practices for Montana Nonprofits, programs, and resources to help nonprofits become more effective, efficient, and sustainable. During the start-up phase of the Association, we spent many hours driving around Montana to attend board and planning meetings. Those hours together gave us time to swap stories, think creatively, share ideas, learn from each other, and do some therapeutic venting.

As the Montana Nonprofit Association grew, we met more and more people who needed the kind of help and support we were providing for each other. We vowed to start a consulting firm that offered those services, and we did — after Terry completed course work for her Masters in Nonprofit Management (while managing a multi-million-dollar capital campaign) and Peggy consolidated a statewide network of nonprofits in Alaska and earned her CFRE.

In 2004, Terry launched Sage Solutions. In 2010, Peggy returned to Montana, joined the company as a partner, and Sage Solutions became an LLC. After three years of collaboration with the team, Teresa Geremia-Chart joined Sage in 2012.

Teresa Geremia-Chart brings 28 years of experience working in the nonprofit sector. She has served as executive director, development director, and program director for various nonprofits in Montana and California.

Today, just as in the beginning, we believe in service: For us, this is not just a job. We do this work because we know the importance of having the right type of support when you are ‘changing the world!

Meet Peggy M. Owens

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Meet Teresa Geremia-Chart

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